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Hydrogen type Nitrogen Purifier

Product parameter

Work Principle
O2 + H2 ----- H2O 
Nitrogen is the raw material with purity greater than 99%. O2 and H2 will produce H2O when heating in catalyst, Add some H2 in N2, the mixed air will  chemical reaction in de-oxygen tank filled with catalyst to remove the oxygen impurities. and then after double steps removing moisture by cooling and adsorption, to obtain high purity nitrogen (99.9995%). 
Main feature
● The gas contains hydrogen gas, quite suitable for gas atmosphere needs H2, the hydrogen  
content can be controlled. 
● Simply operation, compact structure, low energy cost. 
● Continuous monitoring purity, temperature, O2 content and other specifications, stable to  
maintain high purity nitrogen gas. 
● Automatic system optional, no workers needed to operation. 
● Widely range of application, no special requirements for raw material air. 
Main technical data
Nitrogen Gas: 
● Pressure —— 0.6~0.7Mpa
● Dew Point —— No requirement
● Oxygen Content —— ≤3%
● Capacity —— 5~5000Nm3/hr
High Purity Nitrogen Gas:
● Pressure ——0.5~0.6Mpa
● Dew Point ——≤-70℃
● O2 Content —— ≤3ppm
● H2 Content ——500~2000ppm
● Capacity —— 5~5000Nm3/hr 

N2+H2  Protective Gas Atmosphere
Work Principle
Protective gas atmosphere is also known as nitrogen and hydrogen gas protective atmosphere  
system, consisting of the hydrogen generator, nitrogen generator and hydrogen/hydrogen mixture unit. High purity N2 and purified ammonia cracking gas will flow into the mixed gas tank through adjustable valves and rated flowmeter, becoming the protective gas atmosphere that the  
production lined needed. And the gas ratio can be modified according to the different requirement of the production needs, which is a good OSP gases for manufacturing. 
Widely used for cold-rolled strip annealing, bright annealing, hot dip galvanized, silicon steel  annealing, steel strip annealing and other industries. 
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