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Food packaging

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Nitrogen is inert air, after purification and degerming, it can exchange the oxygen in the package of source material and food, it can prolong the food lifetime and benefit the transportation. The application of nitrogen is as below:

●Beverage non-bacteria production line: use nitrogen to bottle it, avoid the oxygen injection.

●Grape wine production line: The process of grape squeezing and bottling all need the non-bacteria condition. Grape juice and grape wine forbidden to explore the air, otherwise the flavor will goes bad.

●Food beverage factory needs the non-bacteria storage for source material tank, so inject the nitrogen to avoid the source material to go bad.

●Package food can be packed by nitrogen instead of compressed air, it can prolong the lifetime of the food, like bag bread, crispy and cookie.

●Grain oil company inject nitrogen to the storage tank and production oil package to keep the quality and prolong the lifetime.

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