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Iron & Steel Industry

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Typical uses

steel converter sealing, blast furnace top sealing, pulverized coal injection in blast furnace, continuous casting and rolling, steel annealing, eliminating stress, aging and hardening heating, carburizing, nitrocarburizing, soft nitriding, vacuum quenching, nitrogen source for heat treatment on based atmosphere , welding and gas protection in sintering process of powder metallurgy, cleaning, dilute gas. 

protective gas for galvanized wire

This nitrogen system is made up of compressed air equipment, compressed air purification equipment, PSA nitrogen making device, nitrogen gas purification device,hydrogen generator, hydrogen pressurization system, hydrogen nitrogen mixing device, spare nitrogen system etc.

System Requirements

Gas supply requirement for galvanized wire

1.Protective gas: hydrogen and nitrogen mixture (5-40% hydrogen)

2.Purge gas: high purity nitrogen (purity 99.999-99.9995%)

3.Sealing gas: high purity nitrogen (99.999%-99.9995%)

4.Emergency gas: high purity liquid nitrogen

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