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Laser cutting industry

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Nitrogen cutting solve lots of production process problems, and now expand to aluminum and brass cutting. There are many applications as below:

1. Carbon steel

Carbon steel cutting. At the surface of material, the temperature is increased because of the melt of carbon material and oxygen inflaming retard. When it is cutting the sharp angle and the diameter which is smaller than the hole of material thick, the narrow filed collect too much heat, so the cutting can not work. Nitrogen is not flaming plus the cooling effective, the nitrogen is good element to solve this issue to improve the quality.

2. tainless steel

From cost to consider, cutting edge oxidation using oxygen cutting does not affect the use of stainless steel parts.But Ni alloy elements content in stainless steel is larger, melt viscosity is big, liquidity is poor, low air pressure when oxygen cutting is easy to cause quality defects such as viscous slag.
When the welding of stainless steel oxide layer seriously affect the welding quality, especially the argon arc welding.Providing high quality without oxidation nitrogen gas cutting section to meet the high demand of the stainless steel welding to cutting section.

3. Aluminum, brass

Aluminum, brass of laser with high reflectivity and low absorption rate, high power to melt material.And equipped with radiation absorption equipment, make rough linear wave is not reflected back to a lens, to protect the safety of the laser.For nitrogen gas cutting.Lower the melting point of aluminum, oxygen cutting available under 3 mm thick, but the quality is poor, cross section and the burr is hard.Using nitrogen gas cutting surface smooth, 4 mm thick can gain the following without burr effect.Big viscosity and thermal conductivity, aluminum melt have been cooled before may blow away, so it's easy to have a burr.By adjusting the focus, higher air pressure, reduce speed to reduce the surface roughness value, to ensure that the burr to clean.

4. Etching

Etching is a special cutting, only 5% of basic power energy.It is only on the material surface, mainly used for etching tag.
Oxygen etching temperature height, sometimes surface welding slag.Concentrated etching damage due to heat concentrated parts surface.nitrogen
Etching the light and do not damage the surface, can be used to etch the caption of high demand.

5. Conclusion

Oxygen cutting thickness, low cost, is mainly used in carbon steel.Nitrogen cooling, protective effect to improve the cutting quality, and
In the cutting of stainless steel, brass, achieve good effect, solved many problems of processing.
In addition, no auxiliary combustion characteristics can also be used to processing and special material such as wood, organic glass, has a broad application prospect.

Industry application cases

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