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Pharmaceuticals Industry

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1.Nitrogen storage and preservation of traditional Chinese medicine (such as ginseng), nitrogen injection of western medicine, storage of nitrogen, air source of medicine pneumatic conveying,protection of pharmaceutical raw materials ,etc.

2.In the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, nitrogen can be used as a shielding gas to fill into the chemical synthesis reaction, isolate the oxygen in the air, keep the chemical reaction under the clean environment without side effects , then achieve the products in high quality.

3.As a source of power, nitrogen is used to transport some liquid or intermediates that need protection to the designated process.

4.In the field of bio-pharmaceuticals, high purity nitrogen is used to isolate the sterile culture medium from the environment to achieve higher technological requirements.

5.High purity nitrogen is needed in the production of large-capacity injection and small-capacity injection to isolate the air, so as to achieve the products in high quality .

6.Nitrogen is also needed as a protective gas to prevent drug contamination and oxidation when drug packaging.

Technical characteristics of special nitrogen generator for medicine

AN Series of special nitrogen generator in pharmaceutical industry (nitrogen purity is more than 99.99% commonly) is our experience in the years of professional research and development of PSA nitrogen generator, according to the relevant international GMP standard in the pharmaceutical industry,the parts contact drug or liquid need to adopt stainless steel material and in aseptic requirements, equipment adopt stainless steel material, install the aseptic filter device in nitrogen exit parts. Also because the pharmaceutical industry has a high overall demand for equipment, usually there are high-level configurations to meet the specific requirements of the industry.Compared with the nitrogen cylinder  (or liquid nitrogen), the running cost is low, the nitrogen purity is stable and the operation is simple.

Industry application cases

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